Industry Supplier of
Curve Tracers

RTI's curve tracers are flexible and modular to incorporate various instruments, devices and packages for your test applications.

Compact Curve Tracer

Supports devices and packages with 96/100 pins or signals

Mid-Sized Curve Tracer with Flexible Pin Range

Supports devices ranging from 216-625 pin count and can be used for powered and un-powered curve tracing.

Industrial Curve Tracer

Our largest curve tracer built for devices and packages with large pin counts, up to 2160 pins.

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Automated Curve Tracers & Test Systems

From Compact to Industrial Solutions

mt century curve tracer no monitor

MT Century System

Compact Benchtop Curve Tracer

multitrace curve tracer with 3 buses

MultiTrace System

Mid-Sized Curve Tracer with Wide Pin Range

MegaTrace System

Our Largest, Industrial Curve Tracer


What is Curve Trace? Curve Trace is a specialized electronic test method that analyzes I-V characteristics of semiconductor devices. Failure...


Curve Trace Solutions RTI is a leading supplier of automated curve trace solutions to the semiconductor industry. We serve a...


MultiTrace Suite: Curve Tracer Software RTI’s curve tracer software, MultiTrace Suite, enables the abilities of the curve trace models. The...

Test Fixture Solutions for Curve Tracing

Remote Docking, Custom Fixtures & DUT Boards!

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