1152 OctoPogo Fixture Box for the MultiTrace

The 1152 OctoPogo Fixture Box is a high pin count fixture for use with the MultiTrace curve tracer. Designed as an alternative to the MultiTrace’s 625 pin PGA interface, the 1152 fixture box uses the same Octopogo pin block and daughter card format found on the stand-alone MegaTrace.

This fixture box incorporates a drive bus interface that provides access to all drives and measurement nodes by banana jacks. Each signal path includes a single header pin connection for auxiliary test configurations, manual signal routing, and verification.

Capabilities and Applications

This fixture performs many of the tests offered by the MultiTrace software suite for various applications, including but not limited to: failure analysis, reliability, counterfeit detection, optical fault localization, ESD testing, latch-up testing, and supply current measurements.  The primary use for this fixture is basic unpowered Curve Tracing of high pin count IC packages. If you require more capabilities, such as powered curve tracing, the MegaTrace would be the next step up.

Bus Configurations

Due to its high pin count and compact benchtop footprint, the 1152 fixture box is available only with the 2-bus configuration.  This configuration is compatible with a wide range of universal and dedicated Octopogo DUT board designs in our library.

In the 2-bus configuration, two precision drives connect to the switch matrix input while your DUT connects to the output. Learn more about bus configurations here.

OctoPogo DUT Boards

Unlike the DIP and PGA ZIF interfaces commonly used in lower pin count MultiTrace configurations, the 1152 fixture box features a built-in RTI standard Octopogo interface. This load board style interface is designed for use with RTI’s Octopogo daughter boards that mount directly to the pin block array on top of the fixture box. Each board can be laid out to your DUT or be made universal when combined with RTI’s universal BGA test socket. To learn more about our test sockets, please click here.

1152 Fixture Box Specifications

Fixture Box Dimensions*: 21.5”x17.25”x7” (55cmx44cmx18cm)
Fixture Box Weight*: 47lbs (21.3kg)
Standard cable length: 8ft (2.4m), custom lengths available – cable length cannot be extended later
Electrical interface: RTI Octopogo daughter card and manual clipping to header pins

* Weight and dimensions do not include the drive boxes or system controller