950 Series Benchtop Test Fixture

950 Series Benchtop Test Fixture

The 950 Series benchtop test fixture is a versatile fixture to test with the MT Century and Manual Switch Box. Mini cards and extended mini cards with test sockets are the standard arrangements of the 950 Series. The test fixture interfaces to the MT Century or Manual Switch Box via one Yamaichi 100-pin cable. The 950 Series is capable of testing topside and backside, including micro-probing, backside emission microscopy, and heated sockets for temperature testing. There are also versions of the 950 Series supporting 96 or 100 pins and other configurations for backside analysis are available

950 Series Mini Cards

Mini Cards with Screw-Down Lid (left) and Dual-Latch Clamshell Lid (right)
Mini Card built for ZIF Interface

The 950 Series’ mini cards are small 96-pin daughter cards that hold a test socket with optional heated/cooling capabilities. The mini card interfaces the 950 Series base through a pogo pin block. The mini cards are also customizable to fit your device and test needs. Scroll down to view custom samples or contact us for more details.

Mini cards feature a unique copper pattern that allows the card to be semi-permanently programmed by solder bridges to VDD and Ground rails. Small 0402 SMT components can also be added between any pin, ground or V+.

950 Series Extended- Mini Cards

Extended Mini Card with Socket and Dual-Latch Lid

With similar features to the mini card, the extended mini card features a breakout area where test points can be collocated for additional hookup opportunities. Extended mini cards can also be used when the DUT board must be used on the bench or under a microscope without the 950 Series supporting it.

950 Series Heated Options

RTI’s Temperature Controller and 950 Series

Heated mini cards have a built-in copper heating element and temperature-sensing device. The heated mini cards rely on the 950 Series base to both provide signals to the pins under test and monitor temperature, which requires RTI’s temperature controller for the operation of heated equipment.

Unlike heated mini cards, heated socket lids connect directly to the temperature controller and do not require a heated 950 Series base. Contact us for more details on our heated socket lids.

The 950 Series base come with or without the heater interface components. However, unequipped bases may not be upgradable for heated capabilities. Be sure to select the right model for your present and future needs. Or contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll suggest a reliable solution.

950 Series Compatibility & Customization

The 950 Series directly connects to RTI’s curve trace models and Manual Switch Boxes. Scroll down to view custom 950 Series and Mini Cards.

    • MT Century is directly compatible, allowing the use of 100-pin or 96-pin versions of the 950 Series
    • Manual Switch Box is directly compatible, allowing 96-pin versions only
    • MultiTrace and MegaTrace are compatible with adapters that allow the use of the Yamaichi 100-pin cables.

The 950 Series’ low profile is highly compact and easily fits:

    • Under a microscope
    • In an environmental chamber
    • In an EMI shield
    • Under a Thermal Forcing head
ZIF and Mini Card on 950 Series
Extended Mini Card and RF connectors on 950 Series

Extended Mini Card on 950 Series
950 Series with Extended Mini Card