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Curve Tracers

MT Century Curve Tracer with 950 Series fixture (bottom right)
Curve tracing is a specialized electronic test method that analyzes the voltage current function or I-V characteristic of electronic devices. Failure analysis engineers and component test labs utilize this technique to understand the condition of the pin electronic structures and detect or track down damaged components.

A curve tracer is a tool used to measure and analyze electrical characteristics. RTI’s curve tracers can detect electrically damaged or counterfeit devices and measures many DC parameters found in a datasheet. On top of that, RTI has built software to automate these tests and make analysis efficient. Our curve tracers are complete solutions to test, analyze and report results for your devices and components.

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A curve tracer is a useful tool to determine if your semiconductor devices have been damaged by ESD, process defects, applications or design errors, latch up, misuse, mishandling, counterfeiting, package continuity, and a range of other environmental stresses.

Our curve tracers can characterize DC parameters that can be measured directly from your device or package. Most DC voltage or current specifications can be measured or verified using curve trace techniques. The DC specifications table on a typical datasheet contains these values and test conditions.

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If you have interest measuring the supply current or how the I/O pins behave in the active powered state, then you need a curve tracer with powered curve trace capabilities.

A 4 or 6-bus MultiTrace is useful for measuring supply current under a wide range of static input conditions. In many cases, quasi-functional tests can be created to characterize analog functionality or a parameter over a range of supply voltage. Most DC values can be measured within the +/-15V, 1A range of the system with +/-100V, 100mA range available in some cases.

Category: Curve Tracers

Yes. In most cases, direct upgrades are possible. Our curve tracers can be expanded by adding additional buses for higher pin count devices. However, each curve tracer is limited to certain pin volumes, and upgrades to larger curve tracers are common.

Many users choose the MT Century curve tracer and, as their devices’ pin count gets bigger, upgrades follow.

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Category: Curve Tracers

RTI provides end-to-end support for our automated curve tracers and curve trace software. We design and build every curve tracer and develop the software in-house.  We also manufacture a wide range of test fixtures, DUT boards and test sockets with FA options that interface directly with each curve tracer. We provide training and ongoing personalized and detailed support at all levels of usage.

Category: Curve Tracers

Our curve tracers serve a variety of engineering applications for testing and verification of a wide range of devices and packages. Popular applications are failure analysis, reliability and latch-up testing, and counterfeit IC detection.

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Category: Curve Tracers

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