DataTrace Software: The Ultimate Curve Tracer Software

The newest member of RTI’s software, DataTrace is the ultimate curve tracer software. It offers features users have requested for the StdTrace program in MultiTrace Software Suite. DataTrace Analysis comes in 3 packages each adding useful features to reduce the effort analyzing curves.

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DataTrace Software Packages

Packages are Basic (included in MultiTrace Suite), Analytical, and Full. Below are the features of each package.

The Basic Package of the DataTrace software is included in the MultiTrace Software Suite. The Basic Package is also the foundation of both Analytical and Full DataTrace software. Basic features are: file viewing, array printing, advanced property display, file comparison, and graph annotation. Additionally, users can:

Load many trace files at one time

Open files in overlay or side by side graph modes

Synch pin number across open windows,

Display one pin, all pins or selected pins

Auto Color Selection, expanded color pallet

Expanded Display properties for curves

Zoom, PAN, Trace ID and measurement cursor modes

Color coded Trace ID and legend

Graph Titling and Annotation: add a note directly on the graph

Compare one file to another file

Save Image as displayed or print one image per pin

Save Image to BMP, JPG, PNG, PDF, ZIP

Save Image with Color Coded Legend, Captions, Annotations

Saves image files with incremented file names

Display, Save Image or Print with a custom background image

In addition to the features of the Basic Package, Analytical DataTrace has data extraction features. Users will be able to access all data contained in curve trace files and extract voltage or current samples to spreadsheet files. Users can display data with or without units, and search for data.

Search Example: where X=100mV, what is the leakage current, etc.

Analytical DataTrace is excellent for compiling data for bar charts and extracting data from files to construct ATE-like data-logs. This software can improve the look and professionalism of your reports. It may also be required for certain custom tests that don’t display well graphically.

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The Full package of DataTrace has all the features of Basic and Analytical Packages plus batch comparison features.

DataTrace Full Version: Batch Compare Tool Screen Shot Shown is a report of Pin Number vs Number of Shorts across multiple device files

With batch comparison, users can compare large numbers of curve trace files and auto-generate a control file by averaging other files. Users can generate bar charts summarizing failures, shorts and opens vs. pin number or serial number. Bar charts can display failed curves by a single click. Full DataTrace’s comparison report grid shows all devices and all pins in a color-coded chart highlighting failed pins and binning them into failure categories. Full DataTrace is excellent for counterfeit IC detection operations, package reliability, OSAT labs, and trimming downtime for labs that analyze a high quantity of devices.

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