DUT Boards for MT Century

The MT Century system uses two simplified cable interface systems to connect to your DUT board: Yamaichi cables and Native cables. The popular option is the Yamaichi cables connected with the 950 series test fixture. See below for more details.

RTI builds a range of small DUT boards to support your device or package in different test applications with the MT Century. See below for more information.

MT Century Cable Options

A PCB is located on the back of the test system and all pins are routed to a 100-pin connector made by Yamaichi (NDS type). RTI supports this interface for a variety of DUT boards with direct compatibility with the Yamaichi connector. RTI’s peripherals and accessories for the curve trace models share this cable system.

Contact RTI for more information and pricing.

Native 60 pin ribbon cables (54 active pins) connect directly to the DUT boards. If the pin count is lower than 54, RTI can crimp different size connectors to the ribbon cable to make it compatible with simple DUT boards that use IDC ribbon cable interface.

Contact RTI for more information and pricing.

950 Series Benchtop Test Fixture

The most popular fixture to test DUT boards with the MT Century is the 950 Series benchtop test fixture. You will be able to test DUT boards and sockets on PCB layouts within a 100-pin count via one Yamaichi cable (pictured above) interfacing the 950 and MT Century.

MT Century DUT Boards

Custom DUT boards are available as well. Contact RTI for more information.

R1 DUT boards consist a board with a single cable connector routed to a particular device or package sockets such as DIP sockets, ZIF sockets, PGA sockets, and more.

See below for various R1 boards. 

R1 board with a 96-pin connector routed to a 48-pin DIP socket. Double DIP R1 boards are available for 96-pin devices or packages.

R1 board with a 96-pin connector routed to a dedicated CSP socket.

R1 board with a 96-pin connector routed to an empty ZIF socket that supports 96-pin mini cards for various 96-pin sockets.