MultiTrace Curve Tracer

The MultiTrace curve tracer is a mid-sized benchtop model supporting pin counts from 216-625 pins and includes the PGA-625 fixture as a standard interface. It utilizes the same MTForms software applications and boasts an economic footprint for benchtop testing environment. Every MultiTrace is shipped with an LCD monitor, industrial controller running the MultiTrace Software Suite, and the most recent Windows version.

The MultiTrace is an automated curve trace system used for unpowered and powered curve tracing, multiple testing configurations and capabilities. See the curve trace configuration page to learn more about our configurations.

MultiTrace Applications & Features

Below are the applications and features of the MultiTrace Curve Tracer. Contact us to learn more or download the brochure.

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  • Failure analysis
  • Reliability testing
  • Counterfeit device analysis
  • Nondestructive electrical counterfeit test
  • Opens, shorts leakage testing (OSL)
  • Post decap electrical inspection
  • Optical fault localization
  • ESD testing
  • Latch up testing
  • Supply current measurements

And more

  • Economic form fits on half a typical lab bench
  • 216, 324, 432, and 625 pin configurations are common
  • Supports up to 6 bus configurations
  • Fixtures have access to all drives and measurements via banana jacks
  • Most configurations are upgradable
  • Remote cable available for interface with microscope

Test Fixtures & DUT Boards for MultiTrace

RTI builds a substantial number of DUT boards and designs supporting the MultiTrace. These board solutions are based on the classic MultiTrace test fixtures: the PGA-625 and Verifier board test fixture box.

MultiTrace Test Fixtures

Custom test fixture options are available. The standard PGA-625 fixture is typically used with the MultiTrace.

Standard fixture with the MultiTrace system for 30 years. Basic features include a PGA ZIF socket with a 25x25 array for a maximum of 625 pins. A 1 to 1 Make-Break jumper area allows external connections to pins under test or isolate pins from the test system. Lower pin count systems depopulate socket in predictable ways; RTI supports a wide range of DUT boards for this fixture. Remote extension available for interface.

For users supporting ESD testing, this option offers low-cost and convenience of needing one DUT board for both test systems. Verifier 256 or 512 pin DUT boards are compatible.

MultiTrace DUT Boards

Depending on the fixture box you choose, DUT boards and compatibility vary. Below are the various options supporting the different fixtures.

“Side by side” DUT board supports up to 625 pins. This style has the socket and PGA array adjacent to each other, and is often used with BGA DUT boards.
48 pin DIP test socket on R1 board

Programming adapters generally have a DIP-48 footprint and are used in programming device programmers. Pins can be scrambled or numbered the same as the DUT.

Remote docking interfaces are compatible with the PGA-625. Custom DUT boards are available.

Fixture box is compatible with Verifier style ESD DUT boards with 256 or 512 pin formats.

Contact RTI for more information.