Remote Docking Test Solutions

R2 Remote docking test solution

RTI offers various remote docking solutions for tests conducted a distance away from the test system. These remote solutions are especially helpful for Failure Analysis labs dealing with fault localization.

RTI’s remote docking fixtures offer easier access and allow for testing under microscopes or environmental chambers via standard cables and benchtop breakout boards.

RTI also offers cabled versions for our most popular Daughter Card and DUT board formats such as Octopogo™, Mini Cards and PGA/DIP footprints as well as custom remote breakout solutions for any testing application. Cabled fixtures are generally compatible with our MultiTrace, MegaTrace, and manual switch boxes as well as user-specific interfaces.

R1 Remote Fixtures

R1 DUT board wit ha dedicated CSP test socketR1 DUT boards consist of a board with a single cable connector routed to a particular device or package sockets such as DIP sockets, ZIF sockets, PGA sockets, and more.


R4 Remote Fixtures

R4 DUT boards have similar features to R1 boards but they are larger and support 2, 3 and 4 cable connector configurations. R4 boards support up to 384 pins for the manual switch box or 400 pins for the MT Century.

Both R1 and R4 versions have a base plate, rubber feet or standoff on the bottom, Either is available in topside-only or top and bottom-side analysis options.


950 Series Fixture

A mobile benchtop test fixture for the MT Century or Manual Switch Box connects via a single Yamaichi cable. You will be able to test DUT boards and sockets on PCB layouts within a 100-pin count limit. Learn more about the 950 Series here.


PGA-625 Remote Fixture

remote docking 625 pin count test fixtureExtend the reach of the MultiTrace 625pin fixture box using a PGA receptacle to ZIF socket-based remote docking interface. 


Octopogo™ Boards

remote docking fixture with OctoPogo pin blockOctopogo™ DUT boards use extension cables to extend the reach of the MegaTrace. Low profile constructions and variable cable length allow you to test under a microscope, emission camera, or laser scanning setup.


Custom Remote Solutions

These solutions are semi-custom. RTI can modify or build a fully custom remote solution to fulfill your testing needs. Contact us for more information.