Facility requirements: what is the required supply voltage for the curve tracers, and how big is it?

The curve tracers are powered from a typical wall receptacle using either 120V or 220V. For facilities preparing for a curve tracer, we recommend 400W per test chassis or 1000W for the MegaTrace. In most cases, our curve tracers consume less power. In areas with poor power quality or with a non-standard voltage, we recommend an AVR or Variac for nominal working voltage.

The MultiTrace is approximately 70lbs per test chassis, and each test chassis is 21″ (L) x 40″ (W) x 9″ (H). Low pin count curve tracers typically fit in one test chassis while our larger systems require up to 3 test chassis. In most cases, the MultiTrace fits on half of a typical lab bench and fits well on many rolling carts for portability around the lab.

The MegaTrace is built in a cart form that keeps all cables and controller in a portable, neat cabinet. This allows for the curve tracer to be moved to fault isolation equipment line, emission microscope and various other testing equipment in your lab. The MegaTrace’s dimensions for all bus configurations are 44″ (L) x 26″ (W) x 41″ (H), not including the monitor.

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