Fault Localization tools from RTI: finding a hotspot

We design and build many test solutions which can be used under a microscope for fault isolation. See below for options and versatility:

    • Most of our test sockets can have an F/A open top lid. CSP sockets have the option of the Sapphire Window lid which allows visibility to just about all FA relevant imaging tools.
    • R1 and R4 DUT boards are inherently low profile and, with a Yamaichi cable, work well for all kinds of optical microscopy
    • The 950 Series fixture can be semi-permanently mounted on the stage and allows quick and easy DUT board swapping. Open top and open backside configurations are possible with the 950 Series.
    • The 384-pin pogo block fixture has a probe station configuration with similar applications to the 950 Series, but with 4x more pins.
    • The MultiTrace and MegaTrace can be used to bias your device in compatible fixtures during the hotspot search, including lock-in thermography. You can use the setup used to detect leakage to stimulate the device during fault isolation.
    • Manual switch boxes can be used to bias your device in compatible fixtures during the hotspot search. You can use the switch box with external supplies and lock-in thermography pulse sources.
    • Custom breakout and alignment fixtures can be used in special circumstances.

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