How many DUT board types are there for curve tracing? Are any standard? Can you make mine compatible with RTI?

Octopogo™ DUT board

RTI supports several standard DUT board types popular on test fixtures we manufacture. We also design DUT boards for use on various 3rd party and other test interfaces.  The best format is dictated by the pin count of the device and the instruments or cables that need to interface to it.

For any DUT board, it can contain an RTI dedicated socket, an RTI universal socket or a 3rd party socket or special contact system. We work with your provided socket or fixture to make them compatible with our test equipment.

Here is a partial list of what’s possible. Contact us for more details.

    • Mini card and Extended Mini card for the 950 Series
    • PGA and DIP footprint for the MultiTrace
    • Octopogo™ DUT boards for the MegaTrace
    • Boards supporting Yamaichi cables for the Manual Switch box or MultiTrace
    • Edge board connector for Older ICD brand switch boxes
    • Verifier MK2 and MK4 ESD characterization Load Boards
    • Load boards for Hi-Level tester
    • Load boards for D10 Test System
    • Ribbon cable Interconnect standards like IDC-64, DB-25, DB-37 and other ribbon cable-based connectors

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