How to use a manual Switch box for curve tracing and IDDQ measurements

Manual Switch Box

This would be done similarly to RTI’s automated curve tracing with the exception that you are limited to 2 buses and must manually switch each pin. The manual switch box is limited to 96 pins and supports 2 buses.

To operate the switch box, you would connect the sources you are using to test the device via banana jacks and connect your test fixture to the switch box through a Yamaichi cable. Then you would use the switches on the switch box to connect each pin of the fixture to bus V-, bus V+, or neither.

Unlike the MultiTrace curve tracer, this is not automated so each switch corresponds to one pin and must be set to the desired position by hand. Besides the manual action, you can use this box to make curve tracing and IDDQ measurements the same way as a MultiTrace, provided the V- and V+ buses are driven using source measurement units (SMU).

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